Sustainable Search Engine Optimisation (SSEO)

Ok, so our own-coined phrase SSEO hasn’t quite caught on but we think it accurately describes our goal. Deliver safe and consistent Page 1 rankings that won’t plummet with each Google algorithm update.

Our business survives on work from existing clients and it’s critical that we are delivering results on a consistent basis. We’ll only use white-hat and long-term strategies such as link building via content and viral marketing, website usability, Social Media and so on to get Page 1 rankings.

These are SEO techniques that require much more, both in terms of effort and the time it takes to see results than generating ‘00s of backlinks from poor
quality sites which probably makes our service slightly more expensive than many other companies and the time it will take us to get you to page 1 will be more.

What this also means is that once we get you to page 1, there’s a very good chance you’ll stay there and the traffic we help generate to your site is much more likely to convert.

Content marketing

Generating solid content has been a deciding factor in rankings for a while. However, without proper distribution of your content, you aren’t going to benefit from the SEO benefits a great case study, article or whitepaper can bring you.

At Recover My Rankings, when we’re producing content for clients, we have one goal in mind - How this piece can help improve your SEO. Which is why, we take care of
everything that is required to achieve this. From brainstorming ideas to optimisation of the copy to it’s distribution. Ultimately, we’ll help it generate social shares and backlinks, both of which will help improve your rankings.

Social Media

Social Media marketing isn't going away anytime soon and if you aren’t already using this to generate leads and improve your rankings, you should do this now.

At Recover My Rankings, we use Social Media primarily to help improve rankings as social signals are becoming increasingly important by Google and other Search Engines.

If we’re carrying out a full service SEO for you, this would include your Social Media page management – we’ll post regular updates as well as links to the content we’re generating for you (also part of the Full service). If your Facebook account is brand new, we can help you get started via Facebook ads as well.

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