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About Recover My Rankings is brought to you by Flow20, an Online Marketing Agency that has been helping businesses across the UK and US grow online via Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Web Design and Mobile solutions since 2008.

Recover My Rankings is the result of a pattern we started to notice. After each Google algorithm update, we would be inundated with enquiries (you’ll find us on Google UK page 1 for ‘SEO services london’ ‘SEO firm london’ and approx.. 43 other search terms) from clients who had seen their rankings plummet and needed targeted help to recover from the update in question.

And, a lot of times, it was giving out the same information again and again – what Google’s latest update focuses on and what we need to do to start recovery. So, currently, think of it as a Penguin 2.0 update recovery service designed precisely for the latest Google algorithm update.

How works

The first step is to start the recovery process
  • Evaluate your website profile against Google webmaster guidelines as well as those put forth in algorithm updates
  • Identify and fix problem areas, where your website does not adhere
    to guidelines
  • Submit a reconsideration request
  • Help you understand what Google really wants from you, so you’re in
    better control going forward
The second step is our Full-service SEO where we create a long-term strategy to “update-proof” your site:
  • Incorporate a content marketing strategy, absolutely essential for
    generating backlinks that will actually improve your rankings
  • Make Social Media a part of the SEO strategy as social signals is
    becoming increasingly important to determine rankings
  • Optimise your website not just for Search Engines but as importantly,
    for your website visitors. Not only is your website performance taken
    into account by Google but what good will all that traffic do if visitors
    don’t take action when they get to your site?
Google updates will come and go. Recover My Rankings’s goal is to help you stay on page 1 consistently and for the long-term.