SEO Class in London

If you want to learn SEO in London, Recover My Rankings has over 8 years of SEO training experience helping sole traders, small business owners and freelancers get their websites to Google page 1 to help grow their business and generate leads via organic traffic on Google.
Unlike other training courses, we believe that the best way to learn is by using practical, real world experience as opposed to theory alone which is why our training methodology makes heavy use of live link and website examples as well as our own Case Studies to precisely demonstrate the cause and effect of the various techniques and strategies you’ll learn.

Constantly evolving, fully bespoke

Google’s ranking algorithm is always evolving and so is our SEO training.
If you have an idea about how SEO works, chances are you’ve heard about the various Google algorthims and it’s impact on the way Google ranks websites and the weight it assigns to the various ranking factor. Within 2 weeks of each major algorithm update, we make necessary adjustments to our own training curriculum to ensure it takes any new ranking factors or weightage changes into account.
What’s more, each course is tailored to your individual requirement. In most cases, our students have a website in mind already, either their own website or one they manage as part of their bigger job description.
We work with your own website as much as possible so not only are you learning the way SEO works but also getting your website optimized in the process.

SEO Training is ideal for

  • Freelancers and Sole Traders
  • Small business owners
  • You’re looking to become an SEO professional
  • You’ve tried SEO companies but not achieved results
  • You’re planning on starting your own business
  • You’re simply interested to know how SEO works